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Do you move furniture?

A. We move portable items for example: chairs, tables,, and beds on casters. We don't move wall units, or anything with breakable items in or on it, and we can't move electronic equipment. You must clear the floor of any small items.

Q.Will all the stains be removed?

A. Our technicians are professionally trained. They use a special range of cleaning agents. However some stains may have set, which means they could be permanent. So we can't guarantee to remove every stain.

Q. Will cleaning remove dust mites?

A. Dust mites live on dead skin and require warm damp conditions to survive. They are often present in bedding, but not normally in carpet that is regularly vacuumed. While cleaning carpets may cause a temporary reduction in dust mites, if the conditions are suitable the mites will return. It is widely accepted that the allergic reaction is caused by dust mite s.

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